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Until now, the piling guides used on saltwater docks and floaters were the same ones used on freshwater docks and floaters.  The  average costs of a pier, pier head, boatlift, gangway and floating dock is $50,000 to $75,000. Yet the piling guides used on them start rusting away almost immediately.

No one in the industry has a more durable product for saltwater applications.

Your Piling Guides May:

Look Like This When Almost New

But They Will Soon Look Like This

And Eventually Look Like This, Guaranteed

The Alternative is the Mako Piling Guide

These piling guides are manufactured using all stainless steel construction, down to the fasteners

UHMW is a polymer that is slick as Teflon and tougher than steel. Don't confuse with HDPE or plastic

The contact surface, the part of the piling guide that contacts the piling, is 100% UHMW

The design of these guides virtually eliminates the accummulation of barnacles (see photos above)

Although stainless steel will not rust away like galvanized steel or corrode like aluminum, it will stain in saltwater. So, for aesthetics only, all of our stainless steel MAKO piling guides are sandblasted and coated with 100% stainless steel pigmented polyurethane.  If it sounds like we have gone overboard to make sure these piling guides not only outlast, but look better than anything else on the market, we have.

Demand The Best!

Patent Pending

Our piling guides are made 100% in the USA

After 40+ years in the marine construction industry, we have seen them all and built most of them. This is by far the best piling guide for saltwater.

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